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Stella Group has newly created the "Stella Light" trademark, with the ambitious aim to respond to the needs of its customers. "Stella Light" is a light material, called polyether, that, thanks to its low specific weight, and its features, makes the soles very light and gives comfort, flexibility and strenght to the shoes. All threes are necessary requirements for a quality shoe.
Polyether can be worked out like any other prefinished sole, therefore it is very versatile and suitable for every tipe of shoe. You can choose from a wide range of colors, models, man and women, and personalise the workings according to the customer needs.

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Art. L001

Suola "Stella Light" disegno carro

Art. L002

Suola "StellaLight"

Art. L003

Suola Bally "Stella Light"

Art. L004

Suola "Stella Light"

Art. L005

Suola "Stella Light" disegno battistrada

Art. L006

Suola "Stella Light"

Art. L007

Suola "Stella Light" disegno dente di...

Art. L008

Suola " Stella Light" per tacco...

Art. L009

Suola " Stella Light " monoblocco

Art. L010

Suola " Stella Light " disegno dente di...

Art. L011

Suola "Stella Light" disegno onda grande

Art. L012

Suola "Stella Light" disegno...

Art. L013

Suola "Stella Light" monoblocco